2023 Advent Calendar Raffle

2023 Advent Calendar Raffle

The Mermaid's Purl
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We have saved one of our 2023 Advent Calendars to raise money to protect our precious oceans and sea creatures!
The raffle will be open for 2 weeks only with one lucky winner to be announced on June 25th.
The Mermaid's Purl Advent comes as a box filled with little packages that are labeled with numbers that correspond to the day of the month that you are to open it. What's in these sweet little packages? Well, its a surprise!

Here's what you'll find: 
 13 mini skeins of our Sea Sock yarn. Sea Sock is 80/20 superwash merino/nylon blend with 80 yards on each 20 gram skein. This year we are super excited to include our house dyed minis as well as a handful of minis from special guest indy dyers. 

We have an amazing team of collaborators!
 Chelsea Yarns, Melanated Boho Bae, The Farmer's Daughter Fibers and CAKEWool Co are all dying minis.
This year we are switching things up a bit! We are working closely with these dyers to create a cohesive FADE across the 13 mini skeins. This means each skein will give you hints about what the next color will look like.  All of the color ways are inspired by the ocean!
The rest of the packages will be filled with a menagerie of knitting haberdashery and self care items that any crafter would be thrilled to open. We are also collaborating with small batch makers including Kenyarn and Kartrinkles to create limited edition goodies that you'll only find in our box!
Included is a simple pattern that goes with these minis so you can knit through them as you open.
A menagerie of knitting haberdashery and self care items that any crafter would enjoy

You'll be opening a surprise every day, which is a cathartic practice.

As usual, this Advent Calendar is inspired by the ocean!